Femini Magazine SS18

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Femini Magazine presents Issue No.4 with Munroe Bergdorf and Begum Sham, joined by many others.

As a team of young women, we believe that men and women should tell their own story, rather than being spoken for. This defining issue showcases female-focussed words from around the world — from Asian women putting the "doctor" stereotype under a magnifier lens, to unearthing the realities of sexual violence on university campuses.

Femini believes that quality beats quantity every time — this is why we're completely advert free and every page tells a different story.

Each 56-page A4 copy has a glossy cover, silk-paper pages and a perfect bound spine.

Please note that this is a preorder for Issue Four and you will receive your issues in the UK by July 8th, and in the following weeks worldwide.